The Poultry Pod
The Poultry Pod:

A full featured, all season chicken coop. The perfect
shelter to keep your hens comfortable and dry. Holds 4-
6 chickens.

•  All season venting
•  ramp
•  nest doors
•  roof access
•  roost

The Poultry Pod is made out of a insulating
Polypropylene shell that is UV protected and flame

- NO TOOLS necessary for assembly
- light weight 16 lbs
- It is easy to clean
Shipping size is 48" x 27" x 4"


- A clip-on heat lamp can be added to use the Poultry
Pod as a brooder or for extreme cold climates

- Can easily cut material to add more ventilation for
extreme hot climates

- Material is UV protected and flame retardant

- Bedding can be straw or wood shavings with
removable front door panel

- Can use outdoor paints to decorate for a fun family